Xiaomi Mijia Chuangmi xiaobai Smart IP Camera 1080P HD Webcam Camcorder 360 Angle WIFI Wireless Night Vision for Mi home


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1.This product is xiaomi ecological chain brand product, there is no any xiaomi marks on the products;
1·The original packaging:US plug= One Xiaomi xiaobai Camera US plug
2·video cameras, Instructions, is the Chinese version, Do not understand, please
contact me,Or please see the details below, the steps
3·this camera is connected to the power use, can only be connected to use WIFI
4·Camera, in a relatively dark situation, will automatically switch to night mode
5·xiaomi camera will be the second test in our company,Ensure the quality, to
ensure that you can use the camera
6·When adding cameras, please select Chinese server in mijia settings
product name: Xiaobai Smart Camera PTZ Edition
Product number: CMSXJ16A
Product Size: 108X76X76mm182g
Body weight: 182g
power input: 5V – 1A
Lens angle resolution aperture: 110°
Resolution: 1920 X 1080
Aperture: F3.2
Operating temperature: -10°C~ 50°C
Video coding: H.265
Video coded wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz MicroSD card (maximum support 64G)
Storage function support system: Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 and above
CMIIT ID: 2018DP7059
Implementation standard: Q31/0115000198C009-2018
Xiaobai smart camera
Watching the store to guard the store
Panoramic HD I AI Humanoid Detection | Remote Alarm | Support Flip

Remotely view active alarms

The mobile phone can not only view the real-time view remotely through the “Mijia APP”. Frequency screen, you can also make two-way voice calls. After turning on the housekeeping mode, take a photo When the camera detects an abnormal condition, the alarm video is automatically recorded and pushed to the mobile phone.

Motion detection Upgrade to AI Humanoid Detection

After turning on the housekeeping mode in “Mijia APP”, the camera found a difference Often, the alarm video is automatically recorded and pushed to the phone; The application of AI technology in the field of deep learning, the algorithm is targeted Optimized sexually, effectively reducing invalid alarms and making alarms more accurate.

HD panoramic night vision enhancement Dual motor drive for 360° horizontal rotation adjustment

Viewing angle, high-definition picture quality allows the picture to retain more details, noise reduction infrared night It can be seen, even at night, with a clear picture. +This data is provided by the Chuangmi Technology Lab. The actual night vision distance may be affected by the weather and the ring. Environmental factors and other factors. 1080P HD quality 360. PTZ perspective 10m Maximum at night Visible distance

How fast is it, and you can watch it smoothly.

Adopt H.265 video coding technology to watch more stream under the same network conditions Smooth, the video takes up less space.

Intelligent linkage security upgrade

Through the “Mijia APP”, with the other smart products of Mijia, you can Customize personalized scenes to better protect personal and family safety and privacy. All products appearing on this page must be purchased separately.

Automatic loop recording

Cloud backup The care video can be stored in the cloud for free for 7 days, and the loop is automatically covered. MicroSD card Local storage, up to 64GB. NAS storage The history video on the MicroSD card can be backed up. Support multi-person multi-terminal remote viewing Support mobile phone/tablet remote viewing, and share real-time pictures to family and friends at the same time. For historical video recording stored in the MicroSD card, it supports 1x/4x/16x speed playback, which can be quickly viewed and saved, saving time and effort.

Support flip a wider field of view

The upper wall mounting package is distributed, and the knob is inserted into the base for easy access, and the field of view is wider. When flipping, in the screen setting function, you can view the screen normally by rotating the screen 180°.

Simple three-step scan code fast connection

Download and install “Mijia APP”; turn “Little White Smart Camera PTZ” to power; click “+” in the upper right corner of “Mijia APP” or connect quickly by scanning QR code at the bottom of the device. Download and install “Mijia APP”

Power on the “Little White Smart Camera PTZ Edition”

ttom of the device.

Click “+” in the upper right corner of “Mijia APP” or connect quickly by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the device.

Device binding timeout how to do?(Please refer to the figure below)

Please visit the router to check Wi-Fi settings:

xiaomi router address:

Other router address:

1, if you are buying a millet router: enter in the browser; other routes, please enter: or or;

2, after landing account, click “Common Settings” – “Wi-Fi Settings”

3, Login successfully, enter the router settings interface

4, confirm the dual-band router off one (2.4G and 5G features), this product only supports 2.4G network

5, Router name must be in English

6, this product does not support the link hidden Wi-Fi, can not hide the Wi-Fi network;

7, Network must add password, encryption the way: WPA / WPA2;

8, Routing name and password is too long, there may be binding timeout, it is recommended to shorten the password and router name try to connect

9, Router can not blacklist camera device (or, MAC address binding)

10, can not xiaomi router intrusion defense switch, open to the highest level;

11, the market part of the optical cat box with routing function, the network port is also blocked will result in binding failure, it is recommended that users use the route binding;

12, some portable WIFI on the market (360 portable WIFI) may not support device binding, it is recommended that users use routing binding;

13 If the names of the routing relay names and the main routes are the same, the connection may not be connected because the device switches the network when the two routes have different signal strengths during the connection.

14, When connecting the camera, please restart the router, connect the camera near the router, the wifi signal will be unstable over long distance, the camera can not be connected

15,Use the camera, the effective distance of the WIFI signal, (general router, open area of 10 meters, the room router walls and other obstructions will block the WiFi signal, resulting in shorter wifi signal distance, resulting in video and picture is not clear, or interrupt connection )

16,Can not open WI-FI dual-band one (2.4G and 5G will use the same name after opening, the router will automatically select the best wifi network, the short-range signal, switch to 5G network, Remotely signal, switch to 2.4G network , Due to differences in terminal equipment, automatically switch the signal, resulting in network disruption, or have been connected to the camera, video and image, is not clear, the camera connection signal is bad, and other issues)

17, Other ways to set the router much the same, do not understand can ask router service providers

Additional information

High Definition Support

1080P (Full-HD)



Effective MegaPixel

About 2MP

Model Number

Chuangmi xiaobai Smart IP Camer

Display Size




Memory Card Type

MicroSD / TF



Battery Capacity


Built-in Memory Size




Image Stabilization

No Image Stabilization

NightShot Function


Touch Screen


Remote Control Support


WIFI Support


Memory Card Support


HDMI Output


Lens Amount

Single Lens

Live Broadcast


AV Output






Display Screen


Maximum Aperture

Horizontal 360 degree, Vertical 115 degree

Bluetooth Support


NFC Support


The Surround Sound Support


3D Image Support


VR Support


Brand Name



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