Vehicle detector loop detector to sense vehicle inspection device Traffic Inductive Signal Control PD132

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Note:when place this loop detector , please leave a massage for the voltage : 12v 24v 110v or 220v ,default is 220V thank you !

Vehicle Loop Detector:
The detector must be installed in a convenient weatherproof location as close to the loop as possible. Installation location must choose to stay away from the heat source; it around other devices must maintain a distance of at least 10mm (must not installation close with boxes wall). A correct loop configuration and detector installation will ensure a successful inductive loop detection system. Loop of several important parameters include: loop figure, size, turns, install methods.
Operation and Indication
While the detector is tuning, the green Channel LED and red Power LED will be turn on. It remain about 2 seconds, then the green LED turn off. If a loop fault exists the Channel LED will come on and flash indicating a fault. If the fault is self-healing the detector will continue to operate. The green channel LED will also glow whenever a vehicle is detected passing over the inductive loop. The red Power LED at the top of the unit will remain on to indicate that the unit is powered.
Supply voltage: 230VAC , 115V AC, 24V DC/AC, 12V DC/AC ( Seethe label on the detector)
Voltage tolerance AC: +10% / -15%
Voltage tolerance DC: ±15%
Power Consumption: 4.5VA
Output relays: 240V/5A
Operating temperature: -20°C to +65°C
Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Frequency range: 20 kHz to 170 kHz
Reaction time: 10ms
Signal holding time: Unlimited / limited when loop is permanently covered 10 minutes
Sensitivity: Adjustable in 4 increments
Loop inductance: Total loop plus connection wiring: 50μH to 1000μH.
Ideal is 100μH to 300μH
Loop connection wiring: Maximum length 20 meters, twisted at least 20 times per meter
Size of Housing: 78x40x108 mm (L x W x H)

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loop detector

Supply voltage

230VAC , 115V AC, 24V DC/AC, 12V DC/AC

Power Consumption


Frequency range

20 kHz to 170 kHz

Reaction time



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