Fireplace Fan Thermal Heat No Electricity Smart Energy Saving Heated Powered Stove Fan For Home Use #4W


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Fireplace Fan Thermal Heat No Electricity Smart Energy Saving Heated Powered Stove Fan For Home Use #4W

1. Designed for low temperature stoves such as gas.
2. Proven to reduce fuel usage and emissions by up

to 15%.
3. Feel the heat up to 30% faster.
4. 180 CFM warm air circulation.

1. Christmas decoration: The Christmas tree shape

colored fireplace fan is a perfect Christmas decoration,

suitable for products that has flat surface such as

fireplaces. It speed up space heating, environmental

friendly and energy saving.
2. Very durable: The main body of the fireplace fan is

made of high-quality metal material, which is

rust-proof, wear-resistant, has long service life and

good in thermal conductivity.
3. No need electricity: The fan makes full use of the

heat source of the fireplace and convert it into power,

the fire is more prosperous, the faster the blade will

turn, quickly transmitting the heat to every corner of

the room.
4. Energy saving: The fireplace fan is not as powerful

as an electric fan, but it can blow hot air throughout

the room. It generates electricity by converting the

heat of a fireplace or a burning stove, efficiently

spreading heat throughout the house.
5. Suitable rooms: The fan is suitable for rooms

between 120 square feet and 260 square feet. It

saves up 15% fuel and generates low noise when

working compared with the electric fan! You don't

even know where the fan is, but you will always

feel warm.
6. How it works: Place the fan on the fireplace. When

the base temperature reaches 70 degrees, the

electrothermal conversion module starts and

generates current. The power generation module

continues to work, generating current and driving the

motor, and the motor drives the fan to rotate the blade.

The fan continues to rotate, allowing the heat

generated by the fireplace to spread out continuously,

efficiently, and energy-efficiently, thereby quickly

convecting heat throughout the space.

Shape: Christmas tree
Fan leaf material: metal

Product size: about 175*71*150mm/6.89*2.79*5.90in

Packing size: about 155*127*205mm/6.10*5*8.07in

Limit temperature: 70-240 ° C

Net weight: about 560g

Switch type: no switch thermal energy conversion

Fan blade: 5pcs

Packing list:

1*heated powered fireplace fan

Additional information

Model Number

5 Blade Fireplace Fan



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