Electrical liquids filling machine MINI bottled water filler Digital Pump For perfume drink water milk olive oil 110V 220V

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Input voltage: 100-240v
Power: 24W
Maximum flow: 1.6L / min
Filling accuracy: 1ml
Maximum suction: 2 meters
Maximum elevator: 3 meters
Pump life: 2000-3000 hours
Automatic counting function to effectively control the filling amount
2. Import MCU control, high efficiency, low power consumption
3.LCD display, very easy to operate
4. High filling precision and accurate volume
5. DC power supply, not afraid of leakage, more secure
6. The work performance is stable and can be used for a long time
7. Self-priming function, no need to fall
8. The pump can be acid and alkali
9. Anti-drip design
10. Speed parameter range: 01-99, filling time range: 0.01-999.9s, interval time range: 0.01-999.9s
High temperature resistance:
1. Common temperature control within 60 degrees
2. Heat resistance up to 100 degrees
The difference between high temperature resistance and non-high temperature resistance is that the material of the pump head is not the same, other parts are all the same, and the high temperature resistant material is relatively expensive, so only the material cost is increased.
Note: Different liquids need to choose different tube materials. The tube we provide is a silicone tube.
The digital liquid filling machine adopts micro-computer to control the filling time of the micro-pump and the rotation speed of the motor, so that the machine can be filled with liquid with high precision and high precision. Separated from the motor, the pump is made of a variety of corrosion resistant imported materials. There are no mechanical metal parts or wear in the pump.
The CNC liquid filling machine is compact and portable. The shell makes it durable and easy to clean. The machine has a self-priming pump that sucks liquid from the container and then outputs it through the nozzle. It can be used to fill many different types of transparent thin liquids, including water, olive oil, fuel, beverages, vinegar, milk and more.

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