Electrical Liquid Filling Machine Water Electric Digital Filler Auto Vinegar Soy Sauce Beverage Fill Equipment Free Shipping


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  1. Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantity

  2. Import single-chip microcomputer control, high efficiency, low power consumption

  3. LCD display, touch screen is very easy to operate

  4. Filling Accuracy is high, precise volume

  5. Wide Voltage range

  6. Working performance is stable and can be used for long time

  7. Self-suck function, don\'t need to pour

  8. The pump can stand acid and alkali

  9. Anti-dripping design

  10. Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement

  11. Speed Parameter Range: 1-9, Filling Time Range: 0.01-99.99s, Interval time Range: 0.01-99.99s

  12. Save up to 6 sets of parameters for different-sized bottles and can choose from easily

  13. Suitable for filling low-viscous liquid without pellets

  14. Integrates the advantage of self-suck pump

  15. Self suck, heat protect, stable working and continuous idle or load operate for long time

  • Voltage:AC110V-140V/180V-260V

  • Power:30W

  • Max Flow Rate:3.2L/min

  • Max Suck Distance:2m

  • Repeat Error:<0.5%

  • Package Dimension:400380200(mm)

  • Machine Weight:5.5kg / 12.1Lbs

  • Filling Volume Range:5ml-3500ml

  • Anti-dripping Function:Available

  • Memory Function without Electricity:Available

  • Machine Size:350 X 270 X 150(mm)

  • Diameter of Filling Nozzle: 8mm

  • Suitable Soft Tube:17#(interior diameter: 6.4mm, thickness: 1.6mm, max pressure0.24Mp)

  • Note:Different liquid needs to choose different material of tube. The tube provided by us is silicone tube.

Updated Model GFK-160 5ML-3500ML Digital Control Pump Liquid Filling Machine

Liquid suitable: low viscous liquid like water, wine, solutions etc.

Liquid unsuitable: very thick liquid (sauce,detergent etc), or liquid containing small particles.

How to use
Take the plastic filling nozzle out and install it in the feeding tube. (Notice the triangle head connects the discharge tube). Take out the filling-head stand and install it on the left of the machines as photo3 shows. Put the filling head in the clip and tighten it by socket wrench.

Connect the pedal switch with machine, and put the tube with filter below the liquid level inside the storage rank. The position of tank should be lower than the machine. Start to test the machine after all is ready.


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Brand Name


Filling Speed


Model Number


Filling Accuracy


filling range



220V /110V



Package Size

400X380X200 (mm)

Max Suck Distance


Max Flow Rate


Interior diameter of filling nozzle



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