All Sizes 220w/m2 Carbon Infrared Underfloor Heating Film AC220V Korea Warm Mat


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MINCO HEAT 220w/m2 Infrared Carbon Underfloor Heating Film 50cm Width Floor Warming Mat

Rated power: 220W/m2 (+-10%)

Working voltage: 220~240V AC 50/60Hz

Width: 50cm

Thichness: 0.338mm (there are sellers sell the 0.25mm film to instead of the 0.338mm film)

What is heating film?

It is an innovative heating system that is made with gravure printing of heat generating carbon tissue on PET Film and copper busbar. Since it emits far infrared rays and anions, warm radiant heat can be felt for a well-being life.

1.Benefits Heating film

1) Energy can be saved more than 65%.(On regular basis)

2) No need space for boiler

3) Far infrared radiation (90.3%) and anions (250cc) are emitted to improve health.

4) Don’t worry about smoke, noise, fueling, freezing.

5) Convinient control such as sectional heating, central heating and sectional control.

6) One day installation and immediately usable

7) Free to choose of finishing materials

8) Fast installation without taking off the existing floor

9) It can lower the height of ceiling and the weight of building.

2. Feature of Heating film

1. Burning resist PET application : The ivory PET Film is used the XB-65 with VTH-2 chip in for heat defying insulation which has the UL Certificate and is manufactured by Doraysaeghan.

2. Gravure printing : As screen printing cannot print carbon tissue evenly, it is inappropriate for

the heat generating plate. It can be partially overheated to cause fire and short circuit. We,

however, have chosen the gravure rotary printing press to pursue to the safety by giving electric

resistance evenly to the Heat Generating Plate.

3. Wide silver space : The silver space is for the space between carbon and copper busbar where

the electrical energy is converted to thermal energy. This space prevent spark, and is important

part related to product life and safety. We broadened this space for safety.

4. Copper busbar with 12mm of width and 10amp : Wide copper busbar to restrain overheating.

The thinner PET has superior adhesive strength and keeps air cut.

Simple construction, long life, saving money, epoch-making heating new products, Daily consumption of 0.1-0.15 degrees per square (6-8 hours)
1. Electric film rated power 220W / square, full load operation around 0.22 degrees per hour
2. Easy installation, their own independent installation, will be the ordinary wiring can be, or to find electricians to help. Glue, connecting cards, thermostats we have goods, you can choose.
3. Suitable for tiles, wood flooring, floor leather, carpet and other environments.
Instulation:(You need 2 clamps and 4 pastes for one piece of film )


Real photos:
Notice: The Newly Produced label on the film is “HEATINGBRO” now, the old label “WORLD ELECTRON” and new label “HEATINGBRO” will send at random. The specifications of the films are exactly same, only the label difference. Thank!!!
About the shipping: if you need a fast delivery, such as by the Fedex, DHL and UPS express, please contact us to calculate the shipping for you, usually, it's much cheaper, even free shipping with fast delivery.
If you have the specialized requirement, please write an order note/message or contact us directly.
About the heating film, we have many other width (30cm, 50cm, 80cm, 100cm) and power (220W/m2, 280W/m2, 400W/m2), if need, please contact us.

Production and processing Photos:

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Brand Name



PET Film + Carbon

Floor Heating Valve

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Model Number


Floor Heating Part Type

Floor Heating Films




220/240V 50/60Hz


Floor Heating Systems


Underfloor Heating System, Warm Floor

Conductor Material




Conductor Type

Carbon Fiber


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