AGDOAD Dermasonic Professional ZGTS Titanium Derma Roller 192 Needles for Face Skin Care and Hair-loss Treatment Beauty Tool

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ZGTS Derma Roller Needles

Micro-needle roller is a very fashionable beauty method. It uses many tiny needles on the micro-needle roller to stimulate the skin. In a short time, the micro-needle can make more than 200.000 micro-pipes, so that the active ingredients can penetrate into the skin and help absorb nutrients. With acne marks and other products, the effect is better.

Unique Titanium Material

192 Needles

0.2mm / 0.25mm for your choose


1. Most people use the micro-needle when the skin will turn red. When doing it, the intensity must be lighter, and then lighter, don’t start too heavy.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene and prevent possible bacterial infection of the skin. Do not share the roller. Before and after each use, rinse the micro-needle roller with boiling water for cleaning and disinfection, and use the micro-needle at intervals.

How to Use?

Step One
Use both before and after use for 7 minutes with 75% alcohol for disinfection, then rinse the alcohol with boiling water.

Step Two
Clean your face with a cleanser and use a cotton pad to dry excess moisture on your face.

Step Three
Apply evenly on the skin with a solution of the lyophilized powder.

Step Four
Perform a micro-needle roller to gently roll the face in the shape of a meter to avoid damage caused by excessive force, each time 15 minutes.

Step Five
Apply a special repair mask to avoid infection with other masks. You should not wash your face after the microneedle.

Step Six
Apply the relevant special face care product.

540MSC Derma Roller 0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm

Additional information

Brand Name




Microneedle Length


Power Source

None Electric


Derma roller needle


Derma roller titanium

Feature 1

Dermaroller micro needle

Feature 2

micro needle roller

Feature 3

roller needles skin

Feature 4

Derma roller hair


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