3.5dbi phone 3G Antenna 1920-2100 Mhz for Mobile Phone Samsung Huawei Signal Booster Aerial


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3G Antenna 3.5dbi phone Antenne 1920-2100 Mhz for Mobile Phone Huawei Samsung Signal Booster


Frequency Range : 1880-1920/1990-2170 MHZ

VSWR 1.5

Gain : 3.5 dbi

Polarization Type : Vertical

Radiation : Omni

Max Input power : 50 W

Input Impedance : 50 Ohms

Connector Type : 3.5mm

Package Included :

1 x 3G Antenna / 2x 3G Antenna

Notice : Dear friend, when you contact this antenna to 3g phone ,it will have no obvious change in signal display on the phone, but it will have much help when you phone to other people and test on the internet. Thank you.

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1920-2100 Mhz



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