125KHZ RFID Guard Tour system Full Guard Patrol Kits with built-in LED floodlight+10 PCs Check Points

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This order :
1X patrol rod(include battery)-flash light
1Xusb cable
10X 125KHZ checkpoint
2Xcrystal keyfobs

I. Introduction
The inspection system consists of an LED light-sensing patrol stick , USB communication dedicated line , patrolling points and software components. Patrol point there is an import lasered 8 hexadecimal encoding information sensing points, each sensing point numbers globally unique. Patrols will be encoded with different points placed at the sensing point inspection equipment or lines , and the coding and the corresponding place in the computer set up . Patrol officers wore patrol stick , stick in the inspection process using patrol near Patrol Point 5-10CM. Vibration and light tips when working , will read the time and place of rods stored in the patrol , officers will patrol the stick into the newsletter dedicated data lines connected to the computer through the computer application software will patrol inspection data stick into the computer archive . Readily available to managers for analysis, processing , statistics, production reports, giving managers a scientific and accurate assessment basis .
Second, the system equipment performance profile
1, LED light induction Patrol machine AP100L
Technical parameters:
Waterproof drop, military grade hard anodized aluminum
High power imported LED lights, glare at night thirty meters to quickly find the inspection points
Fully automatic non-contact inductive read point reaction speed RFID 125KHz reader < 0.1 seconds , the reading distance 3-5CM
Key adjust the lighting , sub- strong, medium , SOS distress signal ( also available as flash explosion proof )
Storage record 30,000 , reaching 29,000 flash when prompted
3.6V 18650 high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, low power consumption
USB direct communication , without cradle
The maximum continuous lighting time 30 hours ( low light ) , the lighting level is low point still sequential read 6000 times
Reader mode : non-contact
Communication : USB
Store records : 30,000
Induction distance : 0 ~ 6cm, no blind spots
Power supply: 3.6V rechargeable lithium battery ( 18650 )
Size : L170 × 29 mm
Weight : 160g


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